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Loan Comparison Calculator

Adjust rates and terms to compare loans.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Estimate how much you could borrow.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Find out how much stamp duty you’ll have to pay on a home.

Budget Planner

Better plan your spending.

Comparison Rate Calculator

Use interest rates and fees to compare true costs of different loans.

Compound Interest Calculator

See how much your savings can grow over time.

Credit Card Calculator

Work out your savings if you pay more than the minimum payment.

Extra Payment Calculator

See the difference additional payments will make on your home loan.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

Estimate how much interest you’ll save by using your savings to offset your home loan.

How Long To Repay Calculator

Work out how long it will take to pay off your loan.

Saving Calculator

See how much you can grow your savings.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Work out your repayments on an interest-only home loan.

Introductory Rate Loan Calculator

Calculate what happens to your loan with an introductory or ‘honeymoon’ rate.

Lump Sum Calculator

Calculate how much a lump sum payment on your loan will save you.

Split Loan Calculator

Work out the costs of splitting your loan into a fixed and variable loan.

Leasing Calculator

Calculate the payments you’ll need to make with our leasing calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Calculate the difference in total costs for two different loans.

Property Buying Cost Calculator

See what buying will cost you on top of the purchase price.

Property Selling Cost Calculator

Use our property selling cost calculator to estimate your total property selling cost.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

See how much equity you can access in your home and calculate the costs of the loan.

Income Tax Calculator

See exactly how much tax you’ll pay on your income.

Income Annualisation Calculator

Work out your annual income with our income annualisation calculator.

Income Gross Up Calculator

This calculator is designed to estimate your gross annual income.

How Long Calculator

Work out how long it will take to pay off your loan.

How Much To Deposit Calculator

Find out how much you will need to deposit on a regular basis to reach your savings goal.

Fortnightly Repayment Calculator

Save money on interest by paying your loans weekly or fortnightly.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

See what it costs to move your loan to a new lender.

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